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Why should I clean my upholstery?

Your home’s upholstery collects dust, dirt and bacteria just as your carpet does. When you sit down to unwind on your lounge suite or armchair do you really want to be lying in this?

What are the benefits of having my upholstery steam cleaned?

1.   The water that is used to flush out all the germs from your upholstery is heated to 110 degrees and extracted, killing all the bacteria, dust mites and removing dirt you can’t remove with a vacuum cleaner.

Note: Did you know that water over 65 degrees can kill dust mites! That why it’s vital your upholstery is cleaned with a truck mount machine as it heats the water well over 65 degrees.

2.    When having your upholstery steam cleaned dirt will be removed improving the appearance and colour of it. Also we can remove many stains such as food, oil, pen/crayon marks, milk stains and plenty of others.  Unfortunately it’s impossible to guarantee every single stain will be removed as some may be set in the upholstery fibre. Rest assured we will try our very best to remove as many as possible.

3.    We can remove many odours from your upholstery. Common odours such as pet urine, milk, alcohol, juice and many more. So you can keep your upholstery rather than having to throw it out due to the smell.

4.    Do you enjoy lying down on the couch after a long days work watching TV?

Most of us do yet few of us realise that we’re shedding dead skin all over it. The same happens with your bed sheets. How often do you clean them?
I’m sure at least once a month, imagine if you didn’t clean them for 6 months. And how often do you clean your lounge suite or armchair……?

Pricing from $50 to $80 per seating position. Fabric depending.

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