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Paying less can cost you so much more.

This guy must be mad. How’s getting my carpet cleaned at the cheapest rate more expensive? Easy. If your carpet is cleaned by anyone who does either of the following 3 deal breakers.

  1. Uses old and outdated carpet cleaning equipment
  2. Uses cheap cleaning solutions
  3. Cleans you carpet quicker than you can vacuum it. Known in the industry as the ‘splash and dash’. Your carpet could be wet for days looking worse than before.

Many carpet cleaners indulge in all 3. You might believe you’ve scored a bargain paying half price but what have you really done?

Old equipment, cheap chemicals, and rushed jobs leaves your carpet with a soapy residue deep in the carpet’s fibres. So as you walk on it, dirt sticks and within weeks all the stains make an encore appearance.

Also be careful when coming across very low prices this is commonly known as “bait and switch” operators. Their aim is to get in your front door and raises the price you were quoted by even up to 4 times the original quote. Simply You Tube “bait and switch carpet cleaners” and there are dozens of hidden camera operations done by news broadcasters exposing these unethical companies.

  • Light Clean
    $44Room (12 sqm max)
    • Pre spray conditioner
    • Massaging of carpet fibers
    • Deep carpet steam cleaning with latest technology
    • Specialised stain treatment
  • Pristine Clean
    $77Room (12 sqm max)
    • Pre vacuum
    • Pre spray conditioner
    • Massage of carpet fibres
    • Deep clean with latest tech
    • Specialised stain treatment
    • Fibre rinse
    • Deodorising
    • Anti microbial treatment
    • Grooming your carpet to a show room finish
    • Carpet Protector (scotchguard)
* Minimum charge of $165 inc gst
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