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Is cheaper carpet cleaning more expensive?

Yes. How is having my carpet cleaned cheaper more expensive? If your carpet is cleaned by a company who does either of these 3
1.    Uses old and outdated carpet cleaning equipment
2.    Uses cheap chemicals
3.    Cleans your carpet quicker than you can vacuum it

Your carpet could be wet for days and look worse than before. Many cheap carpet cleaners will do all 3. You might think you have got a bargain by paying half the price of a professional carpet cleaner but have you really? Doing just 1 of the 3 mistakes can leave your carpet with a soapy residue in the carpet which leads to dirt sticking to it. In several weeks your carpet will look dirty again and stains will re appear.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to get your carpet cleaned right the first time rather than wasting your hard earned money and time?

Can my carpet be walked on straight away.

Yes, we provide you with pairs of plastic shoe covers so you can walk on the carpet straight away.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

2-4 hours. Once your carpet has been cleaned it will be dry to touch and in many cases, completely dry in 2-4 hours. We use top of the range equipment worth $50,000 to make sure your carpet dries as quickly as possible.

Do you steam clean or dry clean my carpet?

Your carpet will be steam cleaned which provides the deepest clean of your carpet. The machine heats the water to over 100℃ which destroy all dust mites leaving you with a healthy, fresh, clean, soft carpet.

Do you move furniture?

We can help move some items such as dining chairs, small tables, and beds on wheels so we can clean all the way underneath them. We are unable to move large items like television cabinets, bookcases and heavy beds. This also includes anything with breakable items on them.  You are required to clean the floor off small items such as toys, pot plants, books etc so we can clean your carpet as best as possible.

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